Behind the Blacklist September 26, 2015

Producer/Writer/Editors: JD Currey & Jim Vescera/Tony Johnson, Mary Ostic, Eddie Lopes & Eddie Fernandez Jr. Motion Graphics: NBC Magic Creative Director: Jim Vescera During the mid-season premiere of the 2014-2015 television season, NBC’s The Blacklist, having become a smash hit, had it’s season 2.5 premiere scheduled to air immediately after Superbowl 50. Sony Pictures Television commissioned a half-hour program to air just before the show, to catch up fans on the happenings of the previous season-and-a half. Created for Sony Pictures Television via…

Knockout First Season September 23, 2015

Producer/Writer/Editor: Eddy Fernandez Jr. Motion Graphics: Anibal Koliren, Sonny Chen, Vincent George Executive Producers: Steven Marcano, Emilio Ferrari, Rene Rodriguez NuVO TV’s Spring 2014 lineup included a first for the network – a live show. “Knockout” was a boxing competition show that followed a group of young, up-and-coming boxers in their trials and tribulations as they struggled to make it to the top. Training with some of the best boxing trainers in the world (Floyd Mayweather Sr., Ruben Guerrero, Yoel Judah),…

Wendy Williams Open September 23, 2015

Producer/Editor: Torrey Bell/Eddy Fernandez Jr. Motion Graphics: Studio City Graphics Department In the fall of 2014, “The Wendy Williams Show” was ready to start up a fresh, new season with a rebooted attitude and feel. Studio City was contracted to usher in the new era with their special brand of talent and drive and I was fortunate enough to be part of the team. Created for Debmar-Mercury by Studio City

The Collective by Vevo September 23, 2015

Producer/Editor: Eddy Fernandez Jr. Motion Graphics: NuVO TV Graphics Department Early in 2014, NuVO TV and Vevo launched “The Collective” a show which featured “Tastemakers” from various disciplines (DJ’s, radio personalities, writers, etc.) talking about the latest fashion, music, tech trends that they were in to. Grace Parra is an established writer and comedienne. This was her foray into becoming an acrobatic rapper. Created for NuVO TV

Latino 101 Clip September 23, 2015

Producer/Editor: Eddy Fernandez Jr. Motion Graphics: NuVO TV Graphics Department Executive Producers: Keu Reyes, Jason Nieves NuVO TV’s lineup has always been bolstered by a comedy offering or two and in 2009, “Latino 101” was the show of the moment. This show will always have a special place for me as it was the first show I worked on. Created for NuVO TV

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